House #
Liberty Call 004 Nags Head
South Wind 025 Nags Head
Pelican’s Landing 068 Kitty Hawk
Good Karma 070 South Nags Head
So Low Flight 077 Kitty Hawk
The Remedy 105 Kill Devil Hills
Otter Banks 143 Kill Devil Hills
View For Shore 147 Kill Devil Hills
Atlantic Escape 171 Kitty Hawk
The Sunshine Inn 179 Kill Devil Hills
Balley Hai 193 Kill Devil Hills
Independence 198 Nags Head
Water Works 214 Nags Head
Bishop II 229 Kitty Hawk
Playa Azul 266 Kill Devil Hills
Summer Breeze 268 Nags Head
Silver Dollars 275 Nags Head
Skipper’s Watch 286 Southern Shores
Island Escape 288 Kitty Hawk
Sea Escape 315 Kitty Hawk
Chillin’ Time 341 Kill Devil Hills
Capt. Charlie’s 408 Nags Head
Just Like Heaven 417 South Nags Head
Sandcastle 429 Nags Head
Koa’s Reef 441 Kitty Hawk
A View To Remember 447 Kill Devil Hills
The Sinking Spell 467 Kitty Hawk
Blue Crab 623 Nags Head
Sandy Bottoms 640 Nags Head
Lanikai 650 Kitty Hawk
Beach Spirit 665 Kitty Hawk
Sea Spell 711 Kitty Hawk
The Anchorage 722 Kitty Hawk
OBX Family Escape 814 Nags Head
Tiki Tonite 827 South Nags Head
Ryan’s Retreat 845 Kitty Hawk
Buckeye Retreat GS-100 Kill Devil Hills