House #
Go The Distance 060 Corolla
Driftwood Dream 062 Southern Shores
Summer Salt 086 Duck Landing, Duck   
Ocean Crest Paradise 110 Duck
Summer Sand 123 Nags Head
Salty Summers 186 Corolla
L3 By The Sea 201 Corolla
La Ventana 202 Duck Landing, Duck
Uncharted Waters 216 Corolla
Happy as Clams 218 Corolla
Paradise Palms 224 Corolla
Seas The Day 228 Kill Devil Hills
Baci Del Sol 238 Duck
As You Wish 242 Southern Shores
Starry Starry Night 243 Four Seasons, Duck
Periwinkle Paradise 270 Southern Shores
Hooked Up 284 Corolla
Sun Terra 291 Corolla
Aqua Duck 295 Duck Landing, Duck
Berry Nice 319 Ocean Sands, Corolla
The Jade Wave 331 Nags Head
Carolina Waves 348 Ocean Sands, Corolla
No Worries 350 Corolla
Bearing South 354 Duck
Ocean Luxe 363 Kill Devil Hills
Ocean Royale 364 Kill Devil Hills
Carolina Cabana 374 Four Seasons, Duck
La Vita Bella 387 Four Seasons, Duck
Beach Palace 430 Kill Devil Hills
Trade Winds 448 Corolla
Beach Blessing 449 Four Seasons, Duck
Pelican Cove 459 Duck Landing, Duck
Kindred Spirit 466 Duck
Follow Apollo 478 Corolla
Sea Escape 489 Sea Pines, Duck
Sandy Chateau 492 Sea Pines, Duck
Verandah Breeze 494 Sea Pines, Duck
Shorely Blessed 497 Sea Pines, Duck
Ocean Breeze 498 Sea Pines, Duck
Blue Anchor Inn 519 Duck Landing, Duck
Duck-N-Sea 541 Duck Landing, Duck
Golfin’ Dolphin 573 Ocean Sands, Corolla
Peaceful Breeze 583 Sea Acres, Duck
Tri The Surf 623 Corolla
Carolina Sunrise 632 Duck
Tanarama II 663 Kill Devil Hills
Summer Moon 690 Corolla
Wild Goose 693 Corolla
Blessed 695 Corolla
An Ocean Notion 696 Bayberry Bluffs, Duck
PlayWright 702 Nags Head
Fairwinds 703 Whalehead, Corolla
Stairway to Heaven 707 Duck
Aqua Eyes 712 Whalehead, Corolla
The Beach House 722 Southern Shores
Silver Shore 723 Duck
Southbound 728 Duck Landing, Duck
Flight of Fantasy 742 Corolla
Edgewater View 744 Corolla
Palazzo Del Sole 755 Corolla
Nirvana 762 Nags Head
Carolina By The Sea 798 Corolla
Big Kahuna 808 Nags Head
Summer Oasis 828 Nags Head 
Sol Mate 846 Corolla
Flying South 886 Duck Landing, Duck
Tropical L’Attitudes Duck 893 Duck
Royal Palm 908 Duck
Dune Fabulous 981  Corolla