House #
Shellshock 15 Corolla Light, Corolla
Sunchase 120 Corolla Light, Corolla
Sundance 132 Corolla Light, Corolla
Turtle Cove 219 Corolla Light, Corolla
Bay Breeze 519 Corolla Light, Corolla
Finnegan’s Wake 566 Corolla Light, Corolla
Crazy N Corolla 621 Corolla Light, Corolla
Hogan 622 Corolla Light, Corolla
The Lush Life 625 Corolla Light, Corolla
The Right Bite 633 Corolla Light, Corolla
Ocean Dream 643 Corolla Light, Corolla
Comfort Zone 674 Corolla Light, Corolla
Lighthouse Watch 676 Corolla Light, Corolla
The Aeire 709 Corolla Light, Corolla
Captains Quarters 717 Corolla Light, Corolla
Deck-A-Dance 725 Corolla Light, Corolla
Sideways 728 Corolla Light, Corolla
Currituck Cay 731 Corolla Light, Corolla
Heart Of Duck BB14 Bayberry Bluffs, Duck
Field of Dreams BS6 Bias Shores, Duck
Faros BU2 Buck Island, Corolla
Orchid Isle BU6 Buck Island, Corolla
Mellow Yellow BU18 Buck Island, Corolla
The Aegean C BU37 Buck Island, Corolla
Dad’s Mercedes, Mom’s Dream CB10 Corolla Bay, Corolla
 A Great Place CD1 Carolina Dunes, Duck
Maryland Inn CD6 Carolina Dunes, Duck
Buzz Beachive CP2 Crown Point, Corolla
Can’t Waite CP3 Crown Point, Corolla
Crown Palace CP4 Crown Point, Corolla
Easy Breezes CP5 Crown Point, Corolla
Shoulda’ Been Here Yesterday CP7 Crown Point, Corolla
Stress Free Zone CP31 Crown Point, Corolla
Sunshine Daydream CP39 Crown Point, Corolla
Duck Dream II DL1 Duck Landing, Duck
Breath of Heaven FS9 Four Seasons, Duck
Palm Paradise FS32 Four Seasons, Duck
Ternabout GF1 Gulls Flight, Duck
Touch of Grey GF2 Gulls Flight, Duck
Carolina Comfort HK5 Currituck Club, Corolla
The Lost Sapphire HK6 Currituck Club, Corolla
Cosa Bella HK12 Currituck Club, Corolla
Carolina Frog KD7 Kill Devil Hills
Sea Winds #5 KD226 Kill Devil Hills
Cape COD KH104 Kitty Hawk
Skip to the Beach KH117 Kitty Hawk
Gouldin Sands KH125 Kitty Hawk
Hasta Manana KH128 Kitty Hawk
A Piece of Paradise M7 Corolla Light, Corolla
Summersweet M412 Corolla Light, Corolla
Birdie MB5 Currituck Club, Corolla
Devonshire MS1 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Somerset MS6 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Russell’s Retreat MS10 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Summers Point MS11 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Loggerhead Lagoon MS15 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Sound Decision MS19 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Paddle Inn MS20 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Nannie’s Sunset MS31 Monteray Shores, Corolla
Aurora OH3 Ocean Hill, Corolla
Carpe Diem OH6 Ocean Hill, Corolla
Serenity OL7 Ocean Lakes, Corolla
Wave Rider OL22 Ocean Lakes, Corolla
Sunnyside II OL45 Ocean Lakes, Corolla
Seas n Suns OL89 Ocean Lakes, Corolla
Sea Senorita OS1D Ocean Sands, Corolla
Leap of Faith OS1M Ocean Sands, Corolla
Mimi’s Place OS1P Ocean Sands, Corolla
Devonmoor OS1Q Ocean Sands, Corolla
Olympus OS5Q Ocean Sands, Corolla
The Lone Star Fish OS3N Ocean Sands, Corolla
Keep Smiling OS4B Ocean Sands, Corolla
Captain’s Cabin OS4F Ocean Sands, Corolla
Canterbury Sands OS4H Ocean Sands, Corolla
Carolina’cation OS7Q Ocean Sands, Corolla
Our Seabreeze OS11D Ocean Sands, Corolla
Tern Inn OS11H Ocean Sands, Corolla
Hook, Line & Skipper OS11K Ocean Sands, Corolla
SeaSational OS12D Ocean Sands, Corolla
A Place By The Sea OS18D Ocean Sands, Corolla
Worth The Waite PI13 Pine Island, Corolla
Atlantis PI26 Pine Island, Corolla
Island Life PI37 Pine Island, Corolla
Treasure Island PI49 Pine Island, Corolla
Coco Palms PI52 Pine Island, Corolla
La Serena PI75 Pine Island, Corolla
Vintage Pine PI157 Pine Island, Corolla
Kensington Palace PI168 Pine Island, Corolla
Blessed 4 Shore PI183 Pine Island, Corolla
Right On The Beach PI187 Pine Island, Corolla
OBXcape PI191 Pine Island, Corolla
Turtle Key PI202 Pine Island, Corolla
Chateau E’lan PI241 Pine Island, Corolla
Ashcroft PI244 Pine Island, Corolla
Cabana Beach PI256 Pine Island, Corolla
Sunrise Symphony PI262 Pine Island, Corolla
Casa De Los Ninos PI263 Pine Island, Corolla
Morning Star PI265 Pine Island, Corolla
Good Winds S2 Spindrift, Corolla
Dream Longer SA1 Sanderling, Duck
Seaducktion SA112 Sanderling, Duck
Siren Song SA180 Sanderling, Duck
Ocean Island SA183 Sanderling, Duck
When Pigs Fly SA227 Sanderling, Duck
JoMoKe SLT2 Saltaire, Duck
Sunning Your Bunns SS4 Southern Shores
Group Therapy SS8 Southern Shores
Dream Winds VOH31 Villages at Ocean Hill, Corolla
Lighthouse Breeze VOH41 Villages at Ocean Hill, Corolla
Atlantic Sound Waves VOH56 Villages at Ocean Hill, Corolla
Jamman WC814 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Amore WC852 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Carolina Sunrise WC859 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
A Peace of Heaven WC879 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Maxximum Views WC1057 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
First Choice WC1084 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Sweet Dreams WL945 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Oceanfront GOLD WL971 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Kookaburra WL1020 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Footloose WL1068 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Coastal View IV WW803 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Cabo Sand Lucas WW849 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
Sea Eagle WW904 Whalehead Beach, Corolla
VA Whale WW1040 Whalehead Beach, Corolla